Your Mercedes-Benz deserves genuine products only


Our expert engineers and scientists have developed a special lubricant, specifically for your Mercedes-Benz vehicle to ensure continued efficiency and optimum performance, saving you and your business time and money.

With a unique blend of components, Mercedes-Benz Genuine Oil neutralises harmful acids which can otherwise prematurely age your engine through corrosion, solidification of fluids or clogged filters. So you can rely on unrivalled reliability.

Not only is it good for business, it’s also news for the environment: used in conjunction with our next-generation exhaust after-treatment systems, it reduces pollutant emissions.



Genuine. Special. Optimum.

Mercedes-Benz genuine oil is the best lubricant for a Mercedes-Benz engine, since that is precisely what it was developed for. The advantage: the detailed knowledge of engine designers is incorporated in the oil manufacturing process. The result: an oil that fully meets the requirements of a Mercedes-Benz.

Summertime. Wintertime. Any time.

Whether temperatures are extremely hot or cold – Mercedes-Benz genuine oil reduces friction in the engine and maximises your engine's service life. Its excellent flow and lubricating properties are retained even under high thermal loads or heavy frost.

High quality. Long-lasting. Efficient.

Only high-quality base oils and a high proportion of additives are used to produce Mercedes-Benz genuine oil. The high quality of the Mercedes-Benz engine oil ingredients signifies reliability, longevity and infrequent oil changes.

Low friction. Low fuel consumption. Reduced emissions.

The continuously reduced friction and the interaction between the Mercedes-Benz engine oil and your vehicle's sophisticated exhaust gas aftertreatment systems can make the best use of your engine's potential while at the same time reduce fuel costs and pollutant emissions.


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