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The Mercedes-Benz Canter Eco Hybrid.

Green light for efficiency.

With the new Canter Eco Hybrid it’s easy to cut costs and go further with less fuel, particularly in urban conditions. And because the hybrid drive technology offers significant fuel savings, it quickly pays for itself.

The Canter Eco Hybrid features energy recovery technology and a start / stop system as standard. Thanks to the hybrid drive system, you can expect fuel savings of up to 23% – as well as lower CO2 emissions when compared to a conventional diesel Canter. The Canter Eco Hybrid also benefits from DUONIC®, the world’s first fully automated dual-clutch transmission for trucks that enables smooth, efficient shifting and consistent power delivery.

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The efficiency champion

The Canter Eco Hybrid 7.5t is a genuine pioneer: the first series-production hybrid light-duty truck in Europe. Generating energy as it brakes, the hybrid system reduces fuel consumption by up to  23%*. That can help you pay off the cost premium in a short timeframe while cutting emissions to impressively low levels. With a 10-year warranty on main battery components and the peace of mind that comes with 20 years of hybrid experience, we’re your efficiency champion. If a healthy environment matters to you and your clients, the choice is clear.

*Versus a standard diesel engine.=

Your perfect business partner

The Canter Eco Hybrid is your perfect partner for urban distribution. With no restrictions in inner city green zones, the truck thrives in start-stop rush hour traffic and there’s no need to worry about plugging it in to charge, as the braking system generates energy for the battery. Overall, the hybrid system reduces fuel consumption by up to 23% compared to a standard diesel engine. In addition, the Eco Hybrid’s market-leading payload and compact design means it can carry anything you need it to, anywhere you need to go.

If you need to prioritise the well-being of your local area and keep expense to a minimum, the Canter Eco Hybrid is the truck for you. The self-charging hybrid system can reduce fuel consumption by up to 23% compared to a standard diesel engine and its Start/Stop technology makes driving in traffic easier, and greener. The 7.5t also offers optimum performance, with a market-leading payload and compact design making it the flexible and economic answer for urban transport.


DUONIC Dual clutch transmission as standard

The only hybrid truck on the market


Gaurantee on hybrid battery components

Fitted as standard

Up to 23% fuel savings over a standard diesel engine

Shows driver current state of battery charge

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