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The Mercedes-Benz Arocs Construction site transport..

The construction site is its playground: the Arocs rated at 18 and 41 tonnes. 

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The robustness and load-bearing capacity of the Arocs are fully reflected in the application specific cabs ñ from the durable, extremely tough cab shell to the athletic and powerful design. A high standard of driving comfort and ergonomics is provided by three different cockpit variants with multifunction steering wheel, the Mercedes PowerShift 3 automatic gearshift and a broad range of wide and comfortable seats. Unique connectivity and equipment such as the new MirrorCam and the electronic parking brake further enhance driving comfort and ergonomics.


The Arocs are vehicles which use fuel exceptionally efficiently. Because the lower the fuel consumption, the lower the overall costs.

Our trucks are especially economical vehicles at your disposal. However, the attractive Mercedes-Benz services and the expected high residual value at the end of the service life also ensure low costs.

Arrive safely ñ with the support of innovative assistance systems to improve driving safety which actively relieve the strain on the driver and treat the vehicle and the load with sufficient care, thereby contributing to higher efficiency. On every journey.

Intelligent networking of vehicle, Mercedes-Benz Service and your transport company enable vehicle use, vehicle capacity and the efficiency of your logistics processes to be increased noticeably.

The Predictive Powertrain Control system which now comes as standard provides a simple means of saving even more fuel with the Arocs. On motorways, country roads and city streets alike.

Other Features

During the construction of our trucks, we always use the strictest quality standards: Real-life requirements. Or in short: Your requirements.

As your partner who helps you to master your daily transport tasks efficiently, we will continue to put our all into ensuring you have reliable vehicles at your disposal. With the wealth of experience that comes from more than 110 years in vehicle manufacturing. With trucks boasting robust components that have been tried and tested thousands of times and equipment designed to cope with the topographic and climatic conditions that prevail where the vehicles are to be operated.

Reliability results from robust design and production at Mercedes-Benz with an emphasis on durability

Finely coordinated drivetrain configurations in particularly robust design offering extended service lives

Application specific axles as well as frame, chassis, suspension and brake components

Application Information Centre in Wˆrth with around 180 practical industry-specific solutions

Mercedes-Benz Custom Tailored Trucks for tailored body building

Long maintenance intervals and service-oriented design for lower repair and maintenance costs

Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts for reliability and value retention as well as Genuine Remanufactured Parts as a cost-effective alternative

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